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Jan 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
president ronald reagan's address from 1981. bill clinton from 1993, president eisenhower in 1957, at 9:00 p.m. harry truman from 1949. richard nixon from 1969, and president john f kennedy in 1961. george h. w. bush in 1989. lyndon johnson in 1965. from 1977 jimmy carter and wrap up with george w. bush's speech from 2001. see ten inauguration speeches from ten past presidents. starting at 8:00 p.m. on c-span. requiring congress to act intestified working around the legislative body. speaking at the briefings hosted by the christian science monitor. he said he's hopeful not confident about the perspective for a tax reform. and expressed a willing tons look at the medicare eligibility age in the context of deficit reduction. this is an hour. >> thank you for coming. welcome to our first breakfast of the new year. our guest is sander levin of michigan. this is the first visit with the group. we welcome him. he's a detroit native learned bachelor of degree in chicago. elected michigan state senate. he was assistant administrator to agency for international development. he was elected
Jan 18, 2013 8:00pm EST
in the 21st century and champions as we see ourselves as if ronald reagan likes to see a city shining on the, let's befuddled most of all look at the place of gun violence of the second amendment? >> one of the most interesting things for me to see what the discussion is the idea that comes up over and over again about futility, efforts to regulate guns. one statistic is most people, almost everybody knows about guns in america is that we have 300 million people in 300 guns and that leaves lots of people to throw up their hands and think anything we do in the reagan victory site is futile. i'm actually not that pessimistic myself i hope this is one of the themes that comes up in the public discussion is to move forward for two reasons. one thing important to keep in mind if they are very concentrated and very sedentary. 10% of all people in the united states on about 80% of the guns. they're mostly middle-class, middle-age people in rural areas and hold onto their guns for a long time. on the other hand, most of the people engaging crying our teens and young adults in most cri
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2